Published Works

Hungry Female would love to collaborate with you on any Food Writing ventures you may be working on. Especially to do with Malaysian, South East Asian and Chinese food, the flavours closest to her heart (or tummy, rather).

Follow the links to see examples of articles she has worked on:

Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazineaddressing the needs of a South East Asian audience for information on new beauty solutions.
"Nuts are Nutrition", September 2011
"6 Handy Weight Loss Tips", December 2011
"Should we all be Flying Pigeons?", December 2011

Too Many Critics, 2012, a fundraising event organised by Action Against Hunger where the UK's most fearsome food critics cooked a meal for the UK's top chefs. Hungry Female covered these pre-event activities:
Beer Brewing with Redemption Brewery & Charles Campion
Chocolate Making with Paul.A. Young Chocolates & Tracey Macleod
Coffee Tasting with Caffe Musetti & Bill Knott

Please do not hesitate to contact and we will talk food.

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