Recommended Reading

Where would we be without the wealth of information on the web? This ever-evolving blog list is where Hungry Female goes to get the low down on the latest restaurant reviews, recipes that will impress, gustatory thoughts and inspiration from mouth-watering food photos.


Eating Asia
One of the most famous Asian food blogs telling of fantastic tales in cities and cuisines across the continent. The pictures alone are worth bookmarking this blog for.
House of Annie
Borne from a Malaysian-Hawaiian couple: interesting recipes, travel excerpts and current happenings in the beautiful Malaysian state of Sarawak.
I Eat I Shoot I Post
This man is on a mission to catalog the very best hawker food sources in Singapore, be it new, niche or one even your dog knows.
One of the first Kuala Lumpur-based bloggers, a great source for planning your KL eating sessions. From street food to high-end, she makes our capital proud. 
Motormouth from Ipoh
Anyone who dedicates their time to a "relentless Char Kuey Teow hunt" scores mega points with HF. A wonderful complilation of street food stories from the Klang Valley, Penang, his hometown Ipoh (three eating meccas in Malaysia) and more.
Rasa Malaysia
An encyclopedic blog with dozens of easy-to-cook recipes from Malaysia's rich culinary repertoire. A true champion for Malaysian food.
Tom Eats Jen Cooks
Husband and wife team covering restaurant reviews and kitchen experiments in Hong Kong, Seoul, South East Asia and occasional peeks back in London. HF could stare at their landing page all day.


A Rather Unusual Chinaman
Cheerful restaurant review blog with lots of effort to segment London's gastronomic map into comprehensive categories.
Cheese & Biscuits
One of the most followed and highly acclaimed food blogs in London, much thought and debate goes into these interesting write-ups of The Big Smoke's latest openings and food trends. 
Eat Noodles Love Noodles 吃面爱面
Follow Mr Noodles and his quest for London's best noodles and dim sum. I would not get into a chopstick duel with this man!
An accomplished writer who has been featured in The Guardian and Waitrose Magazine amongst other heavyweight publishing names, this is a more casual diary about a food geek's own recipes, outings and thoughts. 
Tamarind & Thyme
Descriptive and enthusiastic writing about restaurants, recipes and travels from a lady who knows her palate across multiple food groups.


Almost Bourdain
There's very little this lady has not attempted to cook and translate into effective and simple recipes. Sadly it's no longer "in service" but still a fantastic recipe reservoir. These photos inspire HF to work harder on hers. 
Grab Your Fork 
A must-visit site if you are looking for latest eatery openings or planning a trip to Sydney. Passionate writing and glorious pictures, Grab Your Fork sets the bar high for many restaurant review blogs. 

North America

Desserts for Breakfast
Even "I don't have a sweet tooth" folk will think twice when looking at these gorgeous photos and recipes of desserts. This Californian based blogger is also a gifted food & travel photographer.


Cinnamon & Truffle 
Two sisters across the Atlantic write animatedly about where they've eaten and their travels, and between them always look to cover lots of interesting eating ground.