Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sydney Fish Markets

So far, my time in Sydney has been nothing short of fantastic. As time is ticking and food is waiting, I'll have to be efficient and pick out the highlights.

One experience you cannot miss if you come to Sydney are the Fish Markets. Busy, crowded and full of foodies waiting to get their hands on the freshest fruits of the sea, it's a place to consume and be consumed by.

Weave in and out the crowds who stare, marvel and indulge in all the fresh seafood around. Everything seems so vibrant and technicolour-rich. This is food envy like none other, you gaze green-eyed as everyone else's choices seem so good and ever more confusing when you reach the top of the line!

R (who graciously gave me a first class tour of Sydney- thank you!) and I were kids on Christmas Day in this salt water playground. After over excessive deliberation, we saw the light in 3 sashimi fillets of tuna, salmon and kingfish.

If the choice stupefies you, as it did us, Peter's Fish Market in the main hall is a fine choice. Select your fillet and hands fly tentatively to slice up these tender, satiny portions. After muscling our way onto a table nearby, and breaking wooden chopsticks eagerly, this wait was all worth it. I only had to push the top of my mouth onto the tuna sashimi piece gently to get it sliding down. Immaculate.

The salmon was marvellously striped with fat, sending sweet fishy sensations throughout my tongue. Kingfish had more bite, but just as delicious.

For the rest of the time there we giggled over other customers plunging into their crab and lobster bonanzas, the mounds of shells that littered the tables and the infectious buzz of the place. There is plenty more to sample (I hadn't even managed to get to my true love, the oyster!) but as I said, there is more food awaiting! Absolutely worth a visit in this food capital. Our sashimi treats which we couldn't finish was an extremely reasonable AUD$24 for that fine quality. Sydney Fish Market is on Bank Street Pyrmont, open every day from 7am, except Christmas Day. Check their site here for directions and details.

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