Saturday, August 27, 2011

Selangorlicious Foodster Blogging Competition 2011 Results

It's been a great week in Hungry Female HQ. Back in May this year, I submitted two entries to the Selangorlicious Foodster Blogging Competition 2011, a state-wide competition sponsored by Tourism Selangor. It challenged bloggers to write and submit photos of eateries and restaurants in the state of Selangor, making the entry as interesting and fun as possible. I'm absolutely thrilled to say Hungry Female won Second Prize!

Selangorlicious received over 500 entries to this competition, a great number considering it was their first year of running it. All submissions will be maintained on their website and selected ones published in a Selangor Food Guide available to the public, crediting those who made entries. Quarterly leaflets with themes (the upcoming one is "Burgers", next "Nasi Lemak") will also start appearing in hotels and tourist hotspots.

It was a real pleasure to meet the organisers and other winners at the prize ceremony held at the Grand Dorsett Hotel in Subang Jaya this week. A fun and lighthearted affair, we chatted, exchanged comical experiences encountered during the competition, had photos taken and were treated to an indulgent Ramadhan Buka Puasa Buffet at the hotel. Was also really happy to see fellow blogger and friend Baby Sumo pick up a prize in the Best Photography Category! Happy days!

Winning Second Place (A Cash Prize & 2 Holiday Packages) is obviously a massive highlight since I started this blog in January 2010. It celebrates my passion for food, blogging and sharing my foodscapades with like-minded folk. The competition was a super fun way for me to explore new eateries in Selangor with family and friends (who patiently wait for me to take my snaps before eating); and the vast number and variety of submissions remind me how passionately us Malaysians feel about our national sport: eating.

So here are the full list of winners: CONGRATULATIONS everyone! Thank you Selangorlicious, and I look forward to more of your creative campaigns in promoting Selangor!

Selangorlicious Foodster Blogging Competition 2011

Full List of Winners

First Prize: Cakap Niaga ("Ayam Kampung Goreng dan Gulai")
Third Prize: Rahman Zawawi ("Mee Udang Nakhoda Kg Sungai Ramal Dalam")

Consolation Prizes
- Amir Muhammad ("What Happened When I Didn't Have Enough Cash to Pay for the Nasi Ambeng)
- Sarah Rees ("The Softest Lamb in the World")
- Bart Ahmad ("Reviu Regu: Restoran Panorama")

Best Food Photography: Nigel Low
Photography Runner Up: Baby Sumo
Photography Third Place: Alia Binti Md Ali

You can also find my entries to the Selangorlicious competition here (Pantai Seafood, Kampung Kayu Ara) and here (Mum's Place, Damansara Perdana). Special thanks to my oldest friend KK for taking me to Pantai Seafood, and my Dad for introducing me to Mum's Place!

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Sean said...

Oooh, A Shore Winner proved to be prophetically and aptly titled after all! And after reading it, I must commend the judges of this competition for their wisdom! =)

Hungry Female said...

LOL thanks Sean! Yes, a nice example of a self-fulfilling blog post! When you get a chance you must try the deep fried pork knuckle at this place (I know you love your pork), unless you already have..!

Baby Sumo said...

Congrats again Shu. Lovely seeing you and yr mum that evening.

Really glad to have made a friend in you through this competition. :)

KK said...

keep up the awesome writing and spirit! Muito Obrigado for the mention. hehheh! ;)

J2Kfm said...

Congrats. Just catching up with the blog posts and stumbled upon this. Great one.