Friday, February 19, 2010

Curtis Stone/Take Home Chef on the Asian Food Channel

Video by culinaryherb

Otherwise known as the Pick Up Show on the Asian Food Channel (AFC). Alas, I'm told these are actually old episodes. Nonetheless, I was kinda entertained by a tall, dreamy Aussie chef going up to chicks at supermarkets in the US, offering to cook up a storm at their dinner/cocktail party for a loved one. And offering to foot the bill. What's not to like, eh?

I don't get AFC in London, so sprawling on the couch at my folks and watching foodie programmes during those jet-lagged hours is bliss. I have all the time to decipher Curtis' body language towards these women. I say women cos I haven't seen him approach a dude yet. He's chilled, confident, flirty and effortless, both with the ladies and the food. His targets openly say "Oh Curtis, you are definitely coming back with me" followed by hair flicks, giggles and sudden helplessness. My favourite part is when he's back at theirs, dispensing tips and advice on what he's making and they decide to "freshen up". Butter would melt on those outfits.

He must actually be able to cook - his target's loved ones appear to have a wonderful meal and his recipes are simple though interesting enough. There's a true passion for ingredients and cooking inherent in his charm so those who are skeptical, well some are just lucky to have it all. Jean Christophe-Novelli, eat your heart out.

I do try and deliver pretty food pictures! Image from Discovery Communications

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