Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wapping Project

Euurrghhh! After a bout of a strange tummy bug, I'm back and with regained appetite. Sorry if it's too much info, but a certain drug beginning with "I" was my friend!

It was one of those legendary, searingly hot London summer days which as we know, is rare. We find ourselves in the beautiful and inspiring Wapping Project building which is an ex-hydraulic power station. These days it's a restaurant, gallery and general activity space for them arty-folk. This place is a photographer's dream: steel structures, textures, streaming light (as per a day like this) and the open space which allows one to observe a kaleidoscope of views and angles.

I've been here once ages and ages ago, for dinner which pre-dates Hungry Female and the photo-taking. This time I'm back for brunch. After all this time, I'm still extremely impressed...

Buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, raspberries and mascarpone. Clouds of goodness at your service. Fluffy, squidgy, and dusted with icing sugar, these are worth waking up early and crossing town for.

Courgette omelette topped with chives, buffalo mozzarella and paper-crunchy rocket. What an absolute trophy of a breakfast. It was more like a frittata, all vegetables still had that fresh snap and the mozzarella was melted enough it became a cheesy spread.

The Wapping Project also puts on a brunch spread (isn't that a wonderful sight?) of pastries, cakes and tarts, looking like savoury tea time. On average it's £8-10 for a breakfast choice, with smoothies, teas and coffees also on offer. An excellent place on the Wapping riverside during all seasons, visit it in summer for a burst of light indoors.

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