Saturday, October 2, 2010

La Smorfia - Takeout!

We all know those days. A late work night, awful weather and feeling devoid of any culinary imagination. So take-out it is. Let's not get up on a high-ground now, you know who you are if you've dialled for take-away pizza!

I've not been reduced to the lowest of the foodie castes just yet. I have been eyeing local Italian La Smorfia in West Hampstead who offer a take-away service, with pizza ready in a mere 10 minutes! I don the waterproof trench and out into the damp night I go to pick up my Fiorentina. It's there ready and waiting, served by a smiling pizza-maker.

Gorgeously thin crust, topped with a fine smattering of ingredients. Spinach was just wilted, the mozzarella was still stringy and a partially poached, soft-boiled yolk made this one a clear winner. The pizza came already seasoned, I'm always partial to a bit of cracked black pepper. A refreshing glass of white wine, and it's happy days.

Pizza and wine is exactly the refuge one needs when battling the pangs of mid-week food guilt. My Fiorentina was a modest £9 and just perfect for one. La Smorfia is a worthy resident in the assortment of Italian bistro and eateries that line West End Lane (the West Hampstead high street), and I'm keen to return to try the pasta dishes. Va Bene!

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