Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hungry Female on Channel 4's Ramsay's Best Restaurant!

You heard that right! Little me has has all of 0.035824 seconds of fame on British national TV, on Big Sweary Gordon's current series of Ramsay's Best Restaurant. For those of you that haven't been following it, Gordon has been up and down the UK judging restaurants by type of cuisine, i.e. Best Indian, Best French, Best Chinese etc., making them compete against each other, to finally get his UK's "Best Restaurant".

So for those of you who can put up with Gordon, you'd have remembered the last episode saw London Spanish restaurant Fino lose to lesser known Italian called Casa Mia hailing from Bristol. Where was I? Not one of those mouthy diners, but a silent customer with her man paying the bill at the end!

After having to keep schtum for at least 2 months before the episode was aired, I was finally able to shout from the rooftops about my experience of being a diner. I'm sure this little Q&A comes across as ridiculously self indulgent, but come on! This could be my one and only claim to fame!

How did I get on the programme? I got sent a link from a friend who knew someone, who knew someone in media. Sent off my details, promptly forgot about it, until someone from Channel 4 rang....

What's Gordon like in real life? Exactly the same as on TV. Big, brutal, full of nervous energy, pushy. And strangely sexy.

Did you get interviewed? Yes, but probably didn't have enough cleavage on show to make the cut.

Did I get to ride on that big black bus with the Best Restaurant logo on it? Afraid not, it was filmed in London so we had to be escorted on foot.

Was the food good? To be really frank, it was so unbelievably average. I can only imagine the Spanish restaurant must have done that much worse! 

All in all, it definitely makes it into Hungry Female's Top 10 Food Experiences for 2010. Being on set for such a well known show was in itself exciting and we met lots of other enthusiastic foodies. I'll be watching in great anticipation to who wins next week! 


Neil said...

Which minute are you in Shu? I couldn't find you.

The other diners. Cattle :)

Hungry Female said...

Hi Neil,
Thanks for visiting!
Go to 7:38, and hopefully you see us paying the bill!
Interesting folk eh?
Shu xx