Friday, March 18, 2011

Hungry Female gets a Versatile Blogger Award!

How nice to wake up to a blogging award called the Versatile Blogger! This was given to me by Cinnamon and Truffle, a blog written by two sisters who live in San Francisco and London. Between them, covering those two amazing foodie cities in a fun, chatty way. Thank you girls! You have made my day!

From what I can gather, it's given from blogger to blogger in a way of saying "Good Job!". Recipients then award this to other blogs they admire, and say 7 random facts about themselves. So in the spirit of good blogging, and as it is the end of the week...

Tamarind & Thyme who also writes a food blog and has a light-hearted, cheerful way of conveying taste. I love her incredible food photos (you are an inspiration!) and one of the friendlier uber bloggers in London.

Brigadeiro An Australian-based fashion blogger with great global coverage of fashion events, and a wonderful eye for picking out rising stars and lesser known designers. Earlier postings used to feature more self styled shots of her creative and glamourous outfits, inspired by her cultural observations, high-end fashion and globe-trotting background, I hope we see more of them:-)

West Hampstead Life One commited writer who is a champion for all things West Hampstead, a neighbourhood in North West London. A great organiser of local events, and always ready to spread helpful news and tips on the area.

And as for 7 random things:

1. Pizza or pasta? Both.
2. I can make really good sound effects!
3. When I was younger I wanted to be Smurfette when I grew up. Still waiting to turn blue and blonde.
4. I'm trying to get asbestos fingers, for picking up sizzling hot food and making silver jewellery.
5. Driving is something that was never programmed into my DNA.
6. My friends say I've got a merry-go-round in my head. Long may it go round.
7. One of my favourite quotes, in the words of Kung Fu Panda is, "A true warrior never gives up".

Happy Friday all!


Rachel said...

Congrats! Just hopped over from Cinnamon and Truffle, now following (and hungry).

I suggest a podcast featuring the sound effects you mention in random item #2 :)

Keep up the good work.

Hungry Female said...

Hello Manana (sorry, can't find the accent for the nyah on the keyboard)! Thanks for stopping by and the podcast was something I thought of too! Watch this space...HF xx

Cinnamon and Truffle said...

Thank you for your cool blog! I second Mama's request for sound effects please.

Looks like you've given us some great recommendations - looking forward to checking them out.

Happy weekend,


Carolyn Lowe said...

congrats hun, so proud of you! love the quote - a true warrior never gives up! :)

Su-Lin said...

Thank you so much for the honour! You are much too kind!

Anonymous said...

awesome!!! I miss your sound effects! :-)

Hungry Female said...

@Carolyn, Su-Lin & Anonymous(!) Thank you & You're welcome! Sorry for late reply, have been travelling and so behind on posts! HF xx