Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sweet Thoughts in Sanlitun

I know this looks ridiculously girly but on this day, I needed a break from sub-standard coffee and makes-me-pee-green-tea.

For the unacquainted, Sanlitun is the Notting Hill of Beijing (Notting Hill is the Greenwich Village of London...I could go on!). Home to cocktails bar, Ray-banned cool kids and elbow-slung Marc Jacobs'. After a spot of shopping I just wanted a relaxing drink. In a quiet alley off the main drag, I found Sweetmap.

A flower and fruit infusion is the hot drink du jour right now. Trust anything tea-based to go down a treat in China, and judging from the paraphernalia at Sweetmap they take their cha seriously. Choose from their elaborate menu and they infuse and soak there and then. 

And the romantic in me liked the sweet phrase on the wall Shi.Jie.Zai.Ni.Xin.Li/The World Is In Your Heart. It's a comforting thought isn't it?

Sweetmap Cafe
South Sanlitun
Building 31


babe_kl said...

No matter who…No matter where…No matter how…Hope this is the beginning of a wonderful new year. Happy New Year!

Hungry Female said...

Thank you! Sorry for my late reply, but late than never I say! Hope 2012 has been nothing but good to you so far, and Happy New Year of the Dragon!