Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Love Bao Zi 我爱包子

I had completely underestimated the Great Chinese Firewall. A few months later and I'm now only able to post on food I had ages ago. I do apologise, for anyone who's been kind enough to stop by, I'm back!

So my adventure in Beijing was nothing short of fantastic.Words can't describe how blown away I was by the Chinese language, culture and of course the food. My eyes have been opened, my palate expanded. I will try to relay the incredible discoveries I made over the last few months. 

So rewind. I reminisce the humble looking though nonetheless much-loved staple food, the bao zi 包子. It's plain, puffy white exterior often belies the warm and wholesome filling which can be made of almost anything. Anything tasty of course. Bao zi's are always made fresh, steamed in bamboo trays that are stacked high. During my frosty Beijing mornings the billowing steam clouds rising from their vessels was a comforting sight.

Mainly served through breakfast and lunch, the best have a light fluffy dough and a moist interior. On a day trip to Tianjin, which is only 30 minutes by fast train from Beijing, I managed to snare a trayful from the infamous Gou Bu Li 狗不理 restaurant. Based on a family recipe, these are your better-then-average buns and were always the first recommendation when asked where we could sample the famed Tianjin bao zi.

It's too easy to be addicted to these. I miss their small, manageable size and endearing shape. I miss a lot in Beijing.

天津狗不理包子 (Tianjin Gou Bu Li Bao Zi)
Address: No. 77, Shandong Road, Tianjin, China
Phone: 022-27302540

P.S. To those celebrating Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the 2012 Year of the Dragon bring you every happiness! 新年快乐, 永远幸福!


Mirko said...

Welcome back! And Kung hei fat choi!

Love ur blog, the pics make me sooooo hungry!!! :)

Hungry Female said...

Hi Mirko! Thanks for the CNY wishes, have you taken part in any celebrations yourself?;-) Thanks for reading and hope to meet you soon in the UK, we'll go out for a yummy meal!

Mirko said...

Hi, no I didn't partake in any festivities this year. I am unsure when I will be in the UK next (I think mid next year) hopefully you will be there and we will definitely eat! :)