Sunday, February 26, 2012

Two noodles I could eat all the time: Mee Pok & Chilly Pan Mee

Malaysian food-sickness. No, I mean Malaysian food-homesickness. Homesick for Malaysian food. Oh darnnit, I just want these two types of noodles!

For me a great noodle is in it's texture, it has to be just that bit undercooked or al dente (the Cantonese have their own word for describing a bouncy springy noodle, ngan) and a perfect vehicle for a tasty sauce. I find wavy, longer noodles are best for letting oils and sauces cling on.

Mee Pok is an incredibly simple pleasure and point in case. A tough ribbon, it's more like tagliatelle than its lighter rice flour cousins. It is best friends with anything oily, and here it couldn't be more bosom with oil released from frying pork fat lardons. Served in a bowl with mince pork, it also gets accompanied by pork meat balls in soup on the side. I love splashing on some soup (an optional side) to just loosen up the tangles before waffling it in.

Chilly Pan Mee is so similar. Another sturdy carb (much like udon), it grabs hold of mince meat and oil and deserves vigorous tossing to spread all that tremendous flavour. Pan Mee has the extra dimension of crunch, fried anchovies or ikan bilis are also thrown about and there's a curious mix of fried garlic and onion that also participates. And if like me you are partial to a runny yolk there's that childlike euphoria of seeing a poached egg stabbed, the yellow goo coating the noodle, taking chilli and the condiments hostage. Here they are served with potato leaves and a side soup too. 

My longing for a hardy noodle is so strong I've decided to take this into my own hands: every week I'm making freshly made noodles or pasta. The soggy stuff just won't do!

For sinful porky Mee Pok, try
Restoran Tien Pin
19, Jalan SS2/30, Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia
These guys also make mean fish-paste noodles, i.e. noodles made out of fish-paste!

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A very well trodden path for many Malaysians, but with great reason. A good chain restaurant doing awesome Chilly Pan Mee. 
Restoran Super Kitchen: Chilly Pan Mee
42, Jalan SS2/10, Taman Bahagia,
47000, Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03-7877 2281

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Sean said...

let's start a countdown! how many more days will it be till you're back again and able to slurp some mee pok? :D

Mr Noodles said...

I want mee pok, now!

True noodle obsession - making your own fresh every week is some commitment.

Hungry Female said...

Sean: The torture! At the moment it's likely to be 365 days!

Mr Noodles: I'm actually trying to make this, have a ginormous bag of ikan bilis my mum shoved into my suitcase for this purpose! Hence the weekly practise sessions till it's perfect!

Baby Sumo said...

I love chilli pan mee too. I just had Super Kitchen's last week.

Hungry Female said...

Yen: I weep!

dress_your_days_with_dreams said...

I love noodles, those ones look so tasty !

Hungry Female said...

Nathalie: They are fab, when you visit Malaysia we'll have them together;-)

bob said...

i still have cravings fro the dry fried ho-fun at the stick and bowl on kensington high street

missyblurkit said...

love mee poh too but never knew the term in chinese for al dente. so it is "ngan" to practice it in the right intonation so that i can get the right noodles!

Hungry Female said...

MissyBlurkit: yes it's in Cantonese pinyin, I think it's the "3rd" tone!

Su-Lin said...

I'm quite desperate for a bowl of dry chilli pan mee right now!

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Mouth-watering! Annie loves mee pok and pan mee.

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

pan mee is my fave, and i love ma la pan mee as much as the chilli pan mee too! :) yummy good one

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Shu Han said...

MEE POK! add bak chor mee to that!