Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two Hungry Girls

Just several months ago I'd returned from my epic adventures in Beijing & China where I'd eaten the most mind-blowing food.  My foodie core had been shaken. I looked at my heritage and childhood culture with new eyes and decided upon my return to the UK I was on a mission to bring creative Chinese cuisine to London. And thankfully I'm not alone.

Five Spice & Sichuan Peppercorn Roast Duck

Cake designer & friend Craft Cakes and I hit the ground running when we entered Social Media Week 2012's Supperclub Challenge hosted by Great British Chefs in aid of Action Against Hunger. We won second place, met other incredible foodies such as Tasty Ribbons and Yummy Choo Eats. We were crazy enough to invite Wen, Babs & Little Z (London's favourite Supperclub baby!) from Edible Experiences who although knew we'd pulled together our menu in 4 days (!), encouraged us to host one every month. 

Lychee Sangria*

Chilled Tofu with Black Sesame Sauce & Century Egg

Samsui Poached Chicken with Spring Onion & Ginger Sauce*

Lemongrass Pork Skewers*

Since then it has been a wonderful rollercoaster ride. Hungry Female & Craft Cakes are now Two Hungry Girls and we want to arrest your palate with the intoxicating flavours of Straits & Mainland Chinese food. We serve our meals Chinese Banquet Style, which is a 10-12 course taster menu beginning with small bites leading into main courses and sides, and finally desserts. We serve the classics as well as our own interpretations of real Chinese flavours,with cooking styles that our mamas use and some creative license.

Slow Braised Soy Pork Belly*

Hunannese Style Beef

Soya Bean Milk Pannacotta with Honeydew Puree*

Pandan Ice Cream & Horlicks Sable Sandwiches on Horlicks "Sand"

Kopi Tarts*

We love collaborating and have hosted a Literary Supperclub with Platform 65, directed by talented Cui who held our audience captive by pairing Chinese tales and stories with our menu. Hopefully the first of many versions to come. What we love the most are the delightful, friendly and interesting guests who create a buzzing atmosphere and judging from their squeals of laughter, have a jolly good time. 

So this story is only beginning. We see a thrilling summer ahead with more collaborations and projects and can't wait to feed you. A special thanks to Edible Experiences for being supportive, enthusiastic and an honest opinion when we needed it. We hope this will be one long and prosperous Hungry Dynasty.

*Photo credit: Wen Lin Soh, Edible Experiences.

Book tickets to our next Two Hungry Girls Supperclub here. We hold private events in a North London residence and encourage you to be merry and BYOB. Do come hungry, and we hope you'll leave wanting more.


Shu Han said...

So that's how it all started (: I'm glad you two got together, and really, everythign looks AMAZING. looking forward to a long and prosperous hungry dynasty too. already hungry looking at the photos. sheesh. need to go sleep.

Vicky @ UrsineCuisine said...

Looks delicious! On regular watch of Edible Experiences - will look forward to a visit to your supperclub! Such a fun way to try new and authentic food.


Edible Experiences said...

Wan sui, wan sui, wan wan sui to the Hungry Dynasty!

Translated: 10,000 years, 10,000 years, 10,000 X 10,000 years to the Hungry Dynasty!


Wen, Babs & Baby Z

Baby Sumo said...

Congrats on the Hungry Girls, Londoners are very lucky to have you girls cooking for them! x

J@feasttotheworld said...

Amazing photos! And I am so glad with your little Hungry Dynasty and having been to it recently can only say...thank god for your self-discovery in China. Chinese cuisine has been mis-interpreted for far too long and finally, this situation has been rectified, by you two hungry girls...keep the dynasty going strong and I'm sure I will set foot in it again in the near future.

P.S. You can't keep me away for long if you produce delicious food like that...

Hungry Female said...

Thanks guys! Wen - it's already so different from when you first came! Long live the Dynasty!

Anonymous said...

Long live to the most awesome Soy Pork dish EVER. like seriously. EVER.

Hungry Female said...

LOL Thank you! That Pork Belly is made with the utmost love, care and passion!

Raelene Loong said...

Congrats Shu! It's amazing and indeed very inspiring to see you're doing what you love and finding success in it :) Keep it up, ladies!

Vivi said...

That pandan ice cream and holicks looks uhmazing. Holicks is soo comforting/good by itself already!