Saturday, May 19, 2012

Panda Panda: Deptford Banh Mi

Have I mentioned Vietnamese has infiltrated Deptford? This little outlet has been around for a while but having this good a Banh Mi close to work is well worth the plug.

Panda Panda is just as adorable as its name. Small, cheerful and offering no nonsense Banh Mi and other classic Vietnamese faves like Bunh and Pho at extremely reasonable prices. For GBP4.95, we qualified for the lunch deal including one Banh Mi and Vietnamese Coffee each.

A great crusty loaf, stuffed with fresh salad and a good slop of pate (a key component to this Asian sarnie) put this ahead of the queue. Whilst Banh Mi is peaking right now in London many let themselves down just on the baguette alone.

Foodie companion S said she enjoyed her Chicken Satay version very much though wished it was slightly more charred and given the full chilli whack. "White Girl Treatment" were her exact words!

Very worth the visit if you're in the area, and perfect for us who are nearby.

Panda Panda
8 Deptford Broadway  
London, SE8 4PA
Tel: 020 8616 6922

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J@feasttotheworld said...

What an adorable looking restaurant! Have you've tried the Bahn Mi 11 on Berwick street? If not, you really ought to. Their Bahn Mi is delicious!

Baby Sumo said...

Have never tried a Banh Mi in my life, though I think one of The Big Group's outlets have started serving it.

Hungry Female said...

Jason: No I haven't yet! It's on my list of Banh Mi to try. I can compare this one to the first I ever had (which funnily enough was in Adelaide, and they have great Viet food there) so am keen to try 11!

Yen: Yes this trend hasn't come to KL yet! One thing which is a mega challenge is getting the bread just right which we'd struggle with in KL given 100% humidity! That being said, I think breadmaking in KL is getting much better. Tell me how the Big Group's one is when you try it!

Su-Lin said...

I found myeslf in New Cross the other week and really wanted to try all these Vietnamese places but sadly it was absolutely pouring and so we really couldn't walk to Deptford. Oh, I need to find an excuse to head over there again...

Mirko said...

Love Cafe Sua Da! I could drink it all day lol :P