Monday, April 11, 2011

D'Arenberg & Kangarilla Road @ McLaren Vale

My last post on Adelaide. Sigh. Still on my mini-blogging with less words to try and fit this all in, but at least the pictures turned out.

Isn't Mclaren Vale muchos splendidos? Rolling hills, vine leaves a flutter and wine wine everywhere, and lots of drops to drink. We only had time for two wineries, due to a lazy start and lots of goofing around on the grounds, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. I swear I've seen D'arenberg in off licenses (bottle shops to them Ozzies) in the UK, with that distinctive red stripe. I'm not going to attempt to name what we tried, it's just not possible after all the excitement. One relevation to me was Sparkling Shiraz, which is very South Australian. Sadly I don't think much gets out, I love that rich burgundy colour which has the same dazzling effect as white sparkling wine. D'arenberg's only one was slightly sweet, berried, possibly a little vanilla-ed and sophisticated.

My guilty purchase was their 2007 Noble Prankster dessert wine, a blend of Chardonnay and Semillon. Quite the opposite from a prankster, it was like a gentleman's kiss: sweet, gentle, strong and so memorable afterwards.

We then meandered down to Kangarilla Road, a smaller winery with a large open tasting room that was half warehouse, half granny's living room. To the left of the tasting counter was a simple, graphically striking poster with five different leaves, denoting different different grape varietals. Did you know that each grape has a different leaf? I didn't. I do now.

This time's treat was the 2007 Primitivo, which was a little tannic, drier and even raspberry-like.

We got tipped off by the rep to try some grapes off the vines on the way out. Niiiice.

First thing to do is nominate a responsible non-drinking driver (good luck) Then check in at the McLaren Vale & Fleurieu Visitor Centre for a map, find your wineries and work the route. And even if you're route is just two stops, indulge in this ravishing landscape.
Tastings in SA are free (yay!) and some wines are only sold at the cellar door.


Wine Lover said...

d'Arenberg's "The Hermit Crab" features on Launceston's Place wine list.

Hungry Female said...

Oooh thanks for that nugget of knowledge:-) Have you had that wine before? Are you also a fan of Launceston? HF