Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Day in Adelaide

Life is sweet (and savoury) right now.

When in SA, start with a mighty caffeine boost by Taylor Blend on Hallett Road, the artisan coffee shop this side of Melbourne. These men have passion for their craft, beans are selectively blended and service is at warp speed during peak times. Be nice and they could grace your flat white with a Taylor-made frothed milk smile.

Mooch around Adelaide's Central Markets for brunch, SA's answer to Borough Market with bigger tasting portions. I liked starting at the back with fruit and veg, finding some bargain bunches, and working my way to the front for the gourmet bits. Cheese, meats, fresh fish, bread, dips (there was a seller that just specialised in dips!), bakeries, you name it. Displays are full, bursting forth with fine Aussie produce.

When you're smacking your lips for the afternoon sweet fix, head to Prospect Road for Muratti, an unassuming patisserie that looks like a prime candidate for Restaurant Makeover. I swooned over my light-as-air hazelnut mousse wonder, crowned with crunchy tiramisu "cigarettes" made out of meringue.

And for the real icing on the cake, there's only one dinner choice. Any Adelaidean worth their foodie stripes will raise their eyebrows in approval at the utterance of Red Ochre. Near the River Torrens (where I saw those fiendishly beautiful Black Swans), it prides itself on using only Australian ingredients and a modern Australian menu. And you bet I tried the crocodile cakes (tasted like fish!), emu meat and kangaroo steak. Just for the record, kangaroo is bliss with roasted peach.

Can you have too much of a good thing? Naahhhh. I miss you, sweet Adelaide. A big shout out to one of my dearest and oldest friends, KK, for being the perfect culinary guide!

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