Monday, June 14, 2010

Spicy Basil

Haven't there been some surprises and possibly shocks as the World Cup teams take their first group matches. The ball that got away in England v USA, the poor Ozzie socceroos getting a beating against Germany, a pathetic own goal by Denmark. Though refreshingly some ground-breaking victories for two Asian teams, South Korea and Japan.

And speaking of Asia, one place that doesn't produce a shock is cheap and cheerful Spicy Basil on Kilburn High Street. Our local Thai, all ingredients are fresh and stir-fried with great fervour in view of the punters. You get that intoxicating allure of Thai smells upon walking in; lemongrass, chilli, Thai basil, garlic and fish sauce. High-pitched waitresses sit you down promptly and the menu is easy to get through. It's mainly Green, Red, Yellow Thai curries, Spicy stir-fries, and the evergreen Pad Thai. Just decide on Chicken, Pork, Beef, Prawns or Vegetarian. The room is smoky, crowded, filled with cheesy decor and the token plastic flower on each table. I love it.

Spicy Chicken: basically a stir fry including chicken, red peppers, basil, onion, garlic, pepper and a black sauce I just couldn't crack. I'm guessing a mixture of oyster, fish sauce and stock. There was an underlying barbequed sweetness that was so addictive.

Beef Pad Thai: just as you can expect. Nutty, sweet, tangy and lightly spicy. I love those bouncy noodles that leave a red oily mark on your plate as you slurp them down.

Just a quick entry this time, I'm finding it an exciting challenge to both cover restaurants and watch football games, sometimes simultaneously! Spicy Basil is one of my personal local favourites given it's price, reliability and endearing Thai custom. For 2 main courses and a drink each, a total bill of £11.60 is a clear win! Takeaways and deliveries too.

Soy milk is not just for vegetarians! 

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