Friday, January 7, 2011

Fusion Dining in Goa: Part 2

Lila's Cafe

Still on my adventure to find interesting eats in Goa, we found ourselves once again fortuitously placed with Lila's Cafe near our resort. Behind Lila's is a German expat who decided that the tranquil Baga River was the perfect spot to export German breads and brunches. Bread is cooked fresh on the premises, and whilst the food isn't always strictly German, they knocked up some pretty fine brunch and lunch bits:

Its spacious and breezy area was ideal to escape the midday heat.

And being German, I expect some commendable bakes. The mango cheesecake was as light as a feather and so full of mango goodness. This had been crafted by someone who knows cake construction and how to bring out the best of the mango in one. I washed this down with a grainy and sweet chikoo smoothie. A chikoo? My parents used to have a tree in our garden in KL. Looks like a kiwi fruit, has brown flesh akin to a kiwi fruit and a sandy texture. Delish.

Oh yes. That burger tasted as good as it looks. Taking advantage of Lila's close proximity to our base, this juicy temptress was my indulgence on our second visit. Made out of mutton mince (eating beef in India just seemed wrong!), it was full on succulence on every naughty level.

Cafe Choccolatti

More lush and green courtyards at Cafe Chocolatti. And it would be wrong if a cafe like this, with a name like this, didn't have a sinful chocolate cake like this...

Rich, velvety and moist without being sickly. I had suddenly acquired a sweet tooth from being a savoury lover!

The Plantain Leaf

It may seem like I'd gone all the way to Goa to eat lots of non-Indian food, which was not the case. South Indian is one of my favourite foods and we ate it every day till even for a hungry foodie, it was overdoing a good thing. One must-mention though was the Special Thali at The Plantain Leaf in downtown Calangute. For an affordable 90 rupees (£1.28 at the time of writing!) this is a hefty feed for two included excellent curries, puris so puffy you think they would float and pile of rice.

Before I thought it would just be curry heaven in Goa, but we have colonisation to thank for this coast's culinary melange. Like most places in Asia, food is generally very cheap and the locals fall over themselves with service. Where have you been on holiday recently where you thought the food was true fusion?

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