Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spinach & Feta Pie a la Jamie Oliver

 Spinach, Feta and Filo Pastry. I knew one day my pie would come.

Yup, Jamie has done it again and created yet another miraculous recipe that is relatively foolproof, allows you to do 10 kitchen tasks, walk the dog and gossip with your best friend. All under 30 minutes and all at once.

Aside from having to multi-task like an immortal, this recipe does work, and very well. OK, so I didn't create all his side dishes from the whole 30 Minute Meal ensemble, I was only cooking for 2. I am, however, pleased to report adequately crackly filo with a voluptuous, squishy centre...

It's a super easy and clever technique in creating a pie base. Place 4 squares of filo pastry side-by-side and overlapping on their edges to create a large rectangle, then layer again to make 3 layers, swishing around lots of olive oil in between. Having the baking parchment overhang means you can easily lift pie out of pan when ready.

I was impressed that the filo base actually held up with just 3 sheets, but our Jamie's a smart lad. If you do get confused with how to create the base, here's a helpful video from a glamourous Jamie minion:

I'm already concocting some variations in my head. Bacon and red onion? Mushroom, thyme and garlic? Maybe even mini versions for a cocktail party. Fly, my imagination, fly!


eliza said...

oh my lord..i LOVE spanakopita! make it for us pleaseeee!!! x eliza

Hungry Female said...

Would love to! When's our next supperclub? :-)