Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Traditions: American Pancakes

It's that time for the dreaded question. You're aching from too much champagne, manic sprinkler dancing and looking at the bank account now will just create instant depression. It's a horrendous time to ask about New Year's resolutions when inspiration is low. Which is exactly why, instead of fighting the guilt and taking on a resolution I'd never keep, I decided to turn this predicament on its head. Make no mistake, I'm not a huge resolutions person, I just had some inspiration.

The pancake is a humble but much loved thing worldwide. The simple combination of flour, milk and eggs has been permuted endlessly to create perfect vehicles for both sweet and savoury fillings alike. I chose the American pancake as a new tradition for our little household as the first treat on New Year's day, and marvelled at myself for not stuffing it up!

Follow James "Saturday Kitchen Sex God" Martin's recipe here, and you too can achieve fluff-tastic nirvana:

When I scan recipes and see that they require some egg white whisking, I'm often disheartened as I don't own an electric whisk (the shame!). However, I was not put off this time and successfully hand-whisked those whites with our trusty balloon whisk, yeeha! I'm positive this added to the rise and puffiness of these babies.

I went with the classic all-American bacon and maple syrup combo for a filling, smell those beauties as they fry!

And flip! Textbook pancake brown-ness, if I do say so myself.

You can add a spot of blueberry if you so feel, creating a squidgy blast of fruit.

The boy also felt dutifully inspired and whipped up a delectable berry smoothie. And now for some pancake porn...

Pile those gorgeous cakes high, inter-pile with bacon and drizzle with maple syrup. Sit back (but not for long) and fall in love. 

Why American pancakes? I adore these, and find it hard to get a good version this side of the the pond when eating out. I am hankering for a real good American breakfast in London, so if you do know of any, holla at me please! I thought it also more practical and perennial to have traditions to occasions, involving things I love, which I've never done before. I've also decided that for 2011, Hungry Female can review recipes as well as restaurants. Cheers to new traditions, and trying new things for 2011!


Jules said...

Those are too small to ever be called American pancakes!

Jules said...

This recipe is really good too.. gotta have the buttermilk! :-)

Hungry Female said...

LOL, I knew the American in you would speak up:-) I was trying to do 2 cakes to the pan, and my pan is only a certain size!
Am definitely going to try the recipe with buttermilk, and report back to let you know the results!